Florentino President from Real Madrid President said at a news conference first: “I want to announce two decisions made ??[url=http://www.ebuyshoes365.com]nike soccer shoes[/url] by the Board of Directors first decision we
have jointly decided and Mourinho after the end of the season, the end of ourbetween the relations of cooperation.I would like to appreciated for the hard work of
Mourinho behalf of the Board and wish him the best of luck in the new career. Second, I decided to participate in the election which will be come in June 16 . ”

in an interview with a reporter’s question,Florentino said: “No one was fired, this is just a agreement for each each of the two sides reached .After some discussion
the team has made great progress in the three years of coach Jose Mourinho, the team did not achieve its objectives, but can not say a bad season Real Madrid are more
united than ever before. nine years ago when I came here Real Madrid in turmoil, this scene never should occur. [url=http://www.ebuyshoes365.com]cheap soccer shoes[/url]

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