Pistons for engines from the Czech company Almet

You haven’t heard much about Almet? In this case, you probably don’t move much in the automotive industry. That doesn’t matter, because in the following lines we are very pleased to introduce this Czech company to you. As already mentioned, this is a Czech company, which boasts a tradition of almost eighty years. That alone is a sign that it is actually a high-quality company, their engine pistons are really reliable. Indeed, one of the proofs is also the fact that the pistons for racing engines occurred even in KAMZ MASTER team, which participated in the Dakar Rally race in 2013 and won. Which is just another piece of proof of how good the pistons from Almet are and that you can really rely on them even in the toughest conditions.

Basis of success: modern technology

Nowadays, if a company wants to be truly successful and reach the world rung, as a necessity to use all available modern methods in business. Almet recognises this fact and uses the most modern technologies for the manufacture of their pistons. These include robotic casting machines, as well as automated machining lines and CNC machines. Thanks to these machines, Almet achieves high quality in their pistons for engines that exactly correspond to specific shapes and dimensions.

logo-footerForged pistons

Almet is engaged in the manufacture of pistons for engines and compressors. The main products include forged pistons, which are cast in their own foundry, with the help of robotic casting machines, which also use a special method called gravitational casting into metal moulds. However, this applies mainly to the production of larger series of forged pistons. In the case of smaller series they used the method of manually-operated moulds. Besides the forged pistons, the company offers also aluminium pistons and many more. To convince yourself about the rich offer, visit almet-pistons.com

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