Prague Film Institute

Are you about to graduate highschool and trying to find the perfect school to enrol at? Would you like to see the world and get a taste of a different culture? If you’re into film and postproduction, you should try the Prague Film Institute with its range of film-making programmes on a university level. What makes the school so special, you ask? It’s situated in Prague: a breathtaking city in the heart of Europe, filled with history and overflowing with unique atmosphere. All that makes it very popular with filmmakers, which is why a lot of films produced all over the world have been shot here. Prague Film Institute is a great choice for international students who are at a minimum of B2 level in English. Make some new friends and further your education!

We have both classic semester-based programmes and summer courses

We can offer you more than just regular study programmes of one or two semesters (film or production studies). If film is one of your hobbies or you simply need more information to find out whether this might be the right path for you, Prague Film Institute organizes summer schools as well. The study is composed mostly of practical lessons and demonstrations. You’ll get to try everything from writing a script, editing and camerawork to directing and acting. At PFI you’ll learn from the best actors and filmmakers.

Or game design

What else can you study at Prague Film Institute? From September you can start a course on game design. It’s tailored for those intent on becoming editors and make use of advanced post-production effects.

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