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Would you like to become successful in the world of film?  Would you like to become a director, screenwriter or cameraman? This dream can easily become a reality thanks to the prestigious film college Prague Film Institute. Furthermore, you will embrace theoretical skills as well as practical ones from the best film experts. Courses are held in English and they are open to all students who lust for a film career.

What does this college offer?

Interesting fields of study

The film college offers two options of study. More precisely, a longer one for 1-2 years and shorter ones, those are summer courses. The longer study is intended for students whose interest is mainly focused on becoming successful in the world of film. You may choose from 3 different study fields consisting of filmmaking, postproduction and gamedesign. You will acquire not only the sufficient amount of theory but also a great amount of practical experience. Many skills and a lot of knowledge concerning cinematography, screenwriting, editing or PC game design can be acquired within the framework of our annual summer courses.

High quality equipment and background

The main virtue of this college is its high quality equipment and background available to all students. Also, students have an access to all the equipment, such as top quality cameras, drones etc. Additionally, they can benefit from the fully-equipped editing rooms and a real film studio in an area of approximately 7000m2. In this area will also take place majority of practical demonstrations and exercises.

Recognized professionals

Quality of this film college is guaranteed by world-renowned professionals who also take part in your courses. Many teachers were given a prize and did or still do collaborate on production of Hollywood and world films. Apart from this, Prague Film Institute collaborates with multiple important partners. Thanks to that, students are provided with an opportunity to take part in very significant film projects and, moreover, they can gain important contacts.

Get to know the beauties of historical Prague and dive into the world of film. More information on the web

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