Making life easier when basic software solutions are not enough

Making life easier when basic software solutions are not enough | EN

Increasingly, basic software solutions can no longer keep up with the emerging technologies and complexity of our tasks. Memos is a software development company from the Czech Republic that delivers cost-effective custom software solutions and application development just to your liking. We have been providing custom software solutions worldwide for almost 17 years. Throughout the years we have created a number of key solutions that are used by many businesses namely e-Way – a bespoke CRM system integrated directly into the Microsoft Outlook ideal for project management, planning and reporting and Redque – an automated document processing software equipped with artificial intelligence that can extract selected data from an email, FTP and a scanner and subsequently export them into your system.

Internet of Things

Nowadays, many companies are considering the interconnection of everyday devices such as fitness dog collars or scales to the web as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) which enables them to send and receive data. However, vague and ambiguous ideas of clients are often the main problems of IoT development. Here, at Memos Software we always work in close partnership with our clients and find the perfect solution that will meet their requirements. One of the outstanding products that we have created includes a tracking collar for animals which evaluates collected data from around the world with the help of ‘loggers’. Due to its low weight it can also be used for ornithological purposes. In addition, the solar panels ensure a very long life expectancy.

Get a custom made software that will meet all your wishes

Whatever your needs might be Memos Software, a Microsoft Certified Partner, ensures that the final product meets your requirements. We create cost-effective custom software solutions that will help you to empower your business. We have the right technology and the perfect solutionIt company Prague.

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